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Just What Is Yacon Root Syrup?

If you are wondering just what is Yacon root syrup, you have come to the right place. Yacon syrup is a very sweet syrup that is made from the root of the Yacon plant, which has been documented to help people lose weight.

As opposed to many of the weight loss products that have hit the market in recent years, Yacon has quite a bit of human research that has been documented and publicized over time showing its credibility as a tasty dietary item that also is a great weight loss aid.



Just What Is Yacon Root Syrup?

The Yacon plant grows abundantly in the Andes Mountains in South America, and has been used in the diets of the indigenous people there. Used in the diets for its good taste and sweetness, it has become to be known for its medicinal properties for helping people with diabetes, as well as helping people who have intestinal and kidney problems.

The syrup is made in a similar way as maple syrup is made, by extracting the juices from the root of the plant, and then putting them through a filtering and evaporation process to obtain the final product.

The syrup was recently featured by the famous Dr. Oz on his television show, in which he called the syrup a “game changer” as far as its influence on the metabolism.

The syrup itself is a syrup that is very sweet tasting and it looks like and has the consistency of molasses. It contains a substance that is called fructooligosaccharides, or FOS. In actuality, fructooligosaccharides are molecules of sugar that are put together in such a manner as to make them not recognizable at all by our digestive systems.

The syrup does contain a very small amount of sugars that are digestible such as glucose, fructose and sucrose, the the bulk is FOS and a fiber that is named inulin. Since the bulk of the Yacon syrup is not digested, it only has about one-third of the calories of regular sugar. Consequently, this substance can be used as a substitute for sugar because of its very low calories.

Once the FOS reaches the large intestine, it begins to feed the “good bacteria” there, and this is where it really begins to shine. The friendly bacteria in our gut plays a major role in keeping us healthy, as they make sure that the right balance of bacteria remain intact, which is associated with a lower risk of diabetes, better function of the brain and a better immune system.

Tests have shown in rats that when the good bacteria in their systems digest the FOS, short-chain fatty acids are produced which have very strong anti-obesity properties. The reaction also produces a hormone called ghrelin which is a big help in the reduction of appetite.

Other foods that also contain FOS are onions, artichokes, leeks and other plant foods, but Yacon contains more than all of them put together.

There was one significant study that was performed on a group of 55 women to determine the effect that Yacon syrup would have on their metabolism. In this study there were 40 women who took Yacon syrup and 15 women took another kind of syrup that had no active ingredients, which served as the placebo in the test.

All the women that participated in the study were urged to eat a diet that was low-fat in nature and to mildly restrict their calories. The study proceeded for a period of about four months. After the four month period it was found that the women who were taking the Yacon syrup, lost an average of around 33 pounds, while the placebo group gained an average of three and a half pounds.

The LDL (low density lipoproteins) which is the bad cholesterol was lowered on the average from 137 mg to 97.5 mg.

The women who were taking the Yacon syrup had really very dramatic improvements in their health as far as body weight reduction and their overall metabolic health as opposed to the placebo group who stayed pretty much the same as before the test.

It is true that most dietary changes of this type which result in significant weight loss and other health improvements, such as the cholesterol reduction in this case, are usually temporary effects, unless a person stays on the same regimen.

So the “what is Yacon root syrup” question has a practical and sensible conclusion to always go by, since the human body and its processes is an ongoing development all of the time. If a person stops the diet, treatment or the application of an element that effects the change, the body’s natural tendency is to go back to its former state, as it always seeks an equilibrium.

In conclusion, if someone asks the question of “What is Yacon Root Syrup” the answer will now be easy to answer, and there is the research to back up your answer.

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