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With the responsibilities of work, family and very little time for ourselves, sometimes working out falls extremely low on the "to do" list.  Possibly because the energy and dedication it takes to do it can sometimes be overwhelming.  What if you could take 1 supplement a day and get the much needed energy to work out, burn fat, gain mental focus and clarity and improve brain function?  Would you do it?  Of course you would.

How important is working out to our body? 

If you don't exercise, your muscles will become flabby and weak and the older we get, the more this occurs. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently and if they do, it won't be to its fullest ability. Additionally, your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking!  Who would have thunk that?

What are some of the benefits to exercising?

  • Helps the prevention of disease
  • Can improve stamina
  • Strengthens and tones the body
  • Makes the body more flexible
  • Controls weight
  • Improves quality of life

Now that we know the benefits of exercising, you should also know how important it is to be consistent with the workouts.  It is counter productive to work out really hard today and not exercise again for two weeks and expect to see results.  The benefits of any exercise program will diminish if it's disrupted too frequently. A "stop-start" routine is not only ineffective, but can cause injuries. Being consistent with exercise, therefore, is probably the most important factor in achieving desired results.

People often assume that more is better. Wrong! Doing too much too soon or performing intense exercises on a daily basis will have deleterious effects, such as muscle/tendon strains, loss of lean tissue, and fitness-level plateaus.

How to Get the Energy You Need to Do Consistent Workouts

There are tons of meal plans/diets and fads out there to help you lose weight.  I'm doing a 30 day Keto Challenge with my Facebook Group for the month of October and we are following the keto meal plan.  During this challenge we will eat low carb, high fat meals to put our bodies in ketosis and become fat burning machines.  An incinerator to help burn additional fat and give you BOOSTS of energy is the Energy Explode Thermogenic. Among the amazing ingredients in the thermogenic, the Microencapsulated Extended Release Caffeine is my favorite. This is super important and ensures you won't have a burst of caffeine and then a crash in a very short period of time.  The ingredient has a very successful track record of scientific and clinical studies showing health benefits from short-term to long-term use (studies with Caffeine and Alzheimer's, cirrhosis, and liver cancer). Caffeine supplement in our pill is nootropic, because research has shown that it boosts brain function, focus, attention, mental performance, and stamina on demanding tasks. 

Take a moment and read the other benefits and ingredients in our Energy Explode and order yours today as you get ready to join us for the 30 Day Challenge!!




  • Sep 21, 2016
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