Need to Get Some Sleep? Try Our Good Night Tea

May 26, 2018

Good Night Sleep Tea by Lose A Pound Daily

27% of adults have problems falling asleep and staying asleep.  This causes alot of people to turn to habit forming sleep aids to get a good night's sleep.  Instead, try our all natural Good Night Sleep Tea.

Our herbal Good Night Sleep Tea blend is designed to help relax the body and prepare you for sleep. Calming & Slightly Warming.

Ingredients: Chamomile, saffron, licorice, ginger root, fennel seeds, rosebuds/spearmint, rose hips, lemon grass, tulsi (holy basil) natural orange flavor.

Bring your water to a full boil and remove from heat. Add tea bag, allow tea to steep approximately 3 – 5 minutes and remove bag. For a stronger brew leave a few additional minutes.


Chamomile, saffron, licorice, ginger Root, fennel seeds, rosebuds, spearmint, rose hips, Lemon grass, Tulsi (holy basil) natural orange flavor.


Brewing Instructions
Use 1 tea bag. Use near boiling water.
Steep for 5-7 minutes or leave tea in cup for a stronger drink. Ideal to drink before bedtime. It is not recommended to use heavy equipment or drive after drinking this “Sleep Tea.

Taste Tip: Add Honey or Lemon


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