You may be asking yourself, Who is Maleika Milli?  I am an excited business minded individual who loves to help other people. I see a need and do whatever I can to fix it. This comes as a result of seeing a need to manage my own weight loss journey. I’ve struggled with my weight for years. Up and down, fad diets, quick diets…you name it. In the process, I’ve spent a lot of time and money as well as countless hours of research and diets that failed. All of my failures have brought me to the conclusion that consistency is key! Consistency is the key to any successful venture and weight loss/weight management isn’t any different.  It is a daily bout of decision making.  With each meal I have to make a decision or “choice” in regard to what I’m going to eat, whether I’m going to exercise…so forth and so on.  It has become a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Over a year ago, I was a representative with a MLM company that launched a product but didn’t provide any support for people on the product.  There were no recipes, no one to ask for advice, there wasn’t even a meal plan.  With only my personal experience and the product in hand, I created a Facebook group that grew to over 18,000 people.  Although I no longer represent that company, I still keep that group going because I truly have a desire to help people. With the launch of the Skinny Drops, I created another Facebook group that I focus on giving one on one coaching, recipes and instruction to.  Lose A Pound Daily Facebook Group is full of people who are interested in or using the products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Come join us! I’ve finally renewed my mind and positioned myself to WIN and I’m ready to help you do the same!!