Product Questions:

1.  Do I load while taking Skinny Drops? No. Skinny drops are hormone free and don't require a loading phase. 

2.  What meal plan do I use with skinny drops? You can choose from either our induction (ketosis based meal plan) or the carb cycling plan. Both plans are located in here on the website as well under "What Do I Eat" 

3.  Is there a support group I can join for Lose A Pound Daily?  Yes, we have a support group here.

4.  Can certain supplements be taken together?  Yes, please visit the Supplement Interaction Guide here for details.

5.  Can Skinny Drops and Skinny Drops Plus be taken with HCG?  Yes, please visit this link for more information.

Shipping Questions:

1.  How long does the product take to ship?  In stock items will ship the following business day or within 2 business days at the max.  Most items ship priority mail and takes 2-3 business days.  You will receive tracking information once the item ships and you will also be able to access tracking in your back office.