Here are a few testimonials from Lose A Pound Daily Customers who have shared with us how well “get your skinny back” products work for them. But first let me give you a little:

Skinny Drops Before and AfterI’ve always been a “coffee in the morning” kind of gal. I thought it took a really great cup of coffee to get my day started and give me that boost of caffeine for energy. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE coffee but I now prefer the natural B vitamins in Skinny Energy Drops to give me that boost that I could never get from coffee.
Skinny Energy Blurb~

Add 3 dropperfuls in your water, juice or even food and feel your body perk up with boosted natural energy. These are especially beneficial right before a great workout. That used to be one of the things I dreaded about my workouts. I would feel almost lethargic afterwards. Skinny Energy Drops works wonders!!

~Maleika Milli – I got my skinny back and so can  you!

Real Testimonials from Lose A Pound Daily Customers

Meet Tiko.  This beauty started her journey with Lose A Pound Daily at a weight of 252 pounds.  She began using our Skinny in a Bottle and Forskolin and completed a round of weight release.  On her second round, she added our Original Skinny Drops to the Skinny in a Bottle routine and is pictured at 170 pounds!!!  She went from a size 18 to a size 8. That's an 82 pound total release.  Join me in congratulating her on her transformation!!