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Looking for even more creative ways to get in your fats? Here's an AWESOME simple dessert that can be made in minutes. What is keto you ask?

Keto is a means of eating fat to burn fat. Your body will become a fat burning machine. Here's a full description of keto here.https://loseapounddaily.com/pages/ket...

If you've done other weight loss programs that restricted calories and fats...the first thing you need to do is get that out of your head. The Ketogenic Program goes again all of those rules. You WILL eat healthy fats, you will NOT count calories, you will eat when you're hungry and lose weight!
Here are somethings you'll want to remember (and do). Firstly, I recommend using an app to keep up with your carbs. My Fitness Pal, My Net Diary, etc. I'm testing out one called MyKeto on Apple. It's $3.99 for the full version (which doesn't include all the recipes), but I do like it so far.
A ketogenic diet is a type of low carbohydrate diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. Typically, the macronutrient ratio in terms of calories sits within the following ranges:
••60-75% of calories from FAT (or even more)
••15-30% of calories from PROTEIN
••5-10% of calories from NET CARBS

  • Oct 14, 2016
  • Category: Ketogenic
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