Have you heard the buzz about the new protocol for HCG?  Now we have THREE different protocols to choose from.  Yes THREE!  There are folks who feel more comfortable with the original protocol, others that have grasped the flexibility of 2.0 and the newest protocol yet...3.0 is taking its place in line.

What are these protocols and the differences?

Firstly, HCG is a program that focuses on pulling stored fat from your body and releasing it while reshaping your body.  Most people lose between 1-3 pounds a day the first week and average about 1/2 to 1 pounds daily thereafter until maintenance.  

The Original Protocol is more strict.  You'll eat around 500 calories daily with 1 fruit and 1 vegetable and will omit breakfast.  Coffee and tea are permitted, but oils of any kind are not. This includes oils/lotions on the body.  This protocol states that even the slightest bit of oil can cause a stall or even a gain on the program.  Here's a detailed outline of how the original protocol works.

The 2.0 is a bit less restrictive.  It allows you to mix your vegetables and eat according to your BMR.  You'll use this calculator to calculate your BMR and determine how many calories of protein you'll eat daily.  In addition, you will count carbs from veggies.  You aren't allowed any fruit or starches, but the veggies on the approved list count as your carbs for the day.  You can have breakfast, use oils in your food as well as on your body.  Here's a detailed outline of how the 2.0 protocol works.  

The 3.0 Keto Assisted Program has even more flexibility.  You'll also calculate your BMR but you'll add a bit more information to determine what your fat/protein/carb ratio should be as well.  This allows you to use high fats because fat actually burns fat.  Putting the body into ketosis not only has mental benefits but weight loss benefits are imminent.  Here's a detailed outline of how the 3.0 protocol works here. Get Your kit here today! 





Can Mix Veggies


Fruit Allowed



Fats Allowed



Calculate BMR


Coffee/Tea Allowed

Almond Flour Allowed



Losses May Be Greater



Exercise Permitted

Sugar Permitted