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Why is Your Liver So Important in Weight Loss?

The Importance of Your Liver

Did you know that the liver is responsible for helping metabolize fat. It produces bile, which breaks down fat while also working like a filter to clean toxins out of our blood, helping us feel energized. Optimizing your liver health can help you lose weight and meet your athletic goals.

Do you feel heavy, bloated and sluggish? Most people struggle with overburdened livers due to a toxic diet and toxic lifestyle which means their bodies are ineffective at digestion.  This ineffectiveness causes weight gain. The liver’s role is therefore crucial for efficient circulation, metabolism and fat breakdown. There is no other organ like it.

How Your Body Shows You, You Need a Liver Detox

  1. You experience digestive discomfort or bloating after eating.
  2. Chronic fatigue or brain fog.
  3. Joint or muscle pain.
  4. Difficulty concentrating or staying focused.
  5. Cravings for sweet or high carb food.
  6. Increased weight gain or cellulite.

How Can You Cleanse and Revive Your Liver?

Our Liver Revive has the right blend of herbs to help your body detox this flagship organ.  Liver Revive not only contains a blend of popular herbs that can get help to heal your body, we have a unique proprietary blend that we've added to the formula for optimal results.  Learn more and grab your bottle here.  

Although a specific meal plan isn't required to see results with Liver Revive, we do recommend a sensible eating lifestyle for maximum results.  This formula pairs perfectly with our LAPD Program (HCG), Intermittent Fasting as well as your favorite Green Smoothies


  • Feb 24, 2020
  • Category: News
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